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About us

Provendor GmbH is a full service procurement service provider.

We relieve our customers of everything that causes effort and costs in procurement.

Our focus on industrial procurement services and our technically trained employees enable us to serve our customers in all material groups.

In the so-called One Vendor model, we supply our customers quickly and reliably.

We focus on direct support for our customers and can thus work more rationally and quickly for them.




Welcome to the Provendor GmbH team: Lanka Mamutoska!

Hello, I am Lanka, 15 years old and just graduated from school. Facts about me: I currently still live with my parents and am now starting my professional life at Provendor full of energy. My strengths include autonomy, determination and empathy. Since I grew up with older siblings, I was able to form a picture…

Teams - Kopie

Welcome to the Provendor GmbH team: Sara Blanco

Hello! I’m Sara and I’m originally from Colombia and I’ve been living in Germany for 4 years now. Facts about me: Due to my professional experience, I bring versatile skills in the areas of communication and digital marketing. Already in Colombia I was able to gain experience in various marketing and communication projects and was…


Completion of the education

Milestone Achieved: Our First Apprentice Successfully Completes Training as Office Management Clerk! Today, we are especially delighted as we have reached a significant milestone in our company’s history. Our first apprentice has successfully completed the training as an Office Management Clerk! This joyous occasion not only marks a personal achievement for our apprentice, Robberto Skokandic,…

V.l.: Samir Kharkan (Scalue), Stefan Knorsch (Provendor), Harald Allerstorfer (Dig)

Our visit at the DIG Partner Day 2023: NO LIMITS

Under the motto “NO LIMITS” we visited this year’s DIG Partner Day in Linz. The DIG event on the topic of digitalization in procurement once again provided exciting insights into a wide range of areas. The event offered a wide range of presentations and networking opportunities. The presentations by renowned experts covered current topics such…


Interview on the one vendor model with Stefan Knorsch (Scalue on 10.05.2023)

Mr. Knorsch, today we are focusing on the topic of the one vendor model. First of all, therefore, the question: What does one actually understand by this term? The term one vendor model , also known as the single vendor model, refers to a model in which only one supplier is responsible for supplying the…

Customer testimonials

Provendor Provendor

Rainer Löffler, Head of Sourcing and Procurement Industrial, Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG

"The more than two-year collaboration with Provendor has been extremely positive. Characteristics are short response times and adherence to schedules, reliability and competent contact persons."

Provendor Provendor
Provendor Provendor

Malte Hormann, Procurement,
Fr. Jacob Söhne GmbH & Co. KG

"Part of our mission statement is to offer our customers the advantages of a fast-acting, family-run company, because that's what sets us apart from the large corporations. To do this, we need reliable and flexible suppliers who live up to our quality claim as the number 1 for modular pipe systems based on the building block principle. The cooperation with Provendor absolutely meets our requirements and we are looking forward to further projects."

Provendor Provendor
Provendor Provendor

Jochen Trautmann, Managing Director, Woma GmbH

"Provendor GmbH has been a reliable supplier for us for many years, responding very flexibly to our wishes. The high availability of the contact persons has proven to be extremely advantageous. We can always find an employee who can help us with any problems that arise. Even beyond our "normal" customer-supplier relationship, we have carried out interesting projects together that have helped both sides."

Provendor Provendor
Provendor Provendor

Andreas Kerpers, Managing Director
Kerpers Innovation Handels GmbH

"Kerpers Innovation stands for individual design and the realization of independent ideas, products and brands in the field of custom promotional items. Provendor has been supplying us with various products since the beginning of 2012. In addition to the short delivery times and outstanding quality, the good and uncomplicated support during the project phase was a decisive criterion for the cooperation. What particularly distinguishes Provendor is its technical expertise and proactive communication with us as customers."

Provendor Provendor