Maverick Buying

The requisitioner has ordered without consulting the procurement department. Do you know your costs associated with this effort?

Find out!


These costs arise due to...

  • Unprofessional procurement
  • New creation of the unknown supplier
  • New creation of the order process afterwards
  • Complex invoice processing in accounting
  • Costly subsequent request for corrected invoice documents
  • Time-consuming payment process, should the employee have already paid for the order
  • Control and maintenance of the order and invoice so that they are taken into account in evaluations from the ERP system
  • More time-consuming processing of complaints due to missing documents


The higher the number of your suppliers, the higher your time and cost to manage them.

We "fix" your Maverik Buying Procurement

As a full-service supplier, we take over your suppliers and thus relieve you of everything that causes effort and costs in procurement: from the inquiry to the delivery.

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We take over the supplier management and initiate the invoice correction to our company.
After completion, we will settle with you on the agreed terms.

Reduce the number of your suppliers efficiently and cost-effectively now!