Unmanaged material groups

Unmanaged material groups as cost drivers

Lack of time in procurement leads to unmanaged material and supplier groups. Do you know your costs due to lack of care?

Find out!


These costs arise due to...

  • Lack of procedure structure in relation to entire material and supplier groups
  • Lack of review and negotiation of prices and conditions
  • Missing tenders
  • Lack of technical knowledge
  • Neglected bundling effect due to fragmented and small-scale ordering behavior
  • Failure to identify and track supplier performance
  • Lack of supplier development
  • No consideration of technical development
  • High communication and logistics effort
  • Different delivery and payment conditions
  • Unknown form formats and transmission paths
  • Low-value individual and free text orders
  • Surcharges for small quantities
  • Elaborate delivery date tracking
  • Payments in foreign currency
  • Customs clearance
  • Processing of complaints


The higher the number of your suppliers, the higher your time and cost to manage them.

Material group management made easy

As a full-service supplier, we take over your unmanaged material and supplier groups. Our intensive material group management enables us to pass on the successes achieved to you.

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