Online orders

When an item is ordered online from a marketplace, this process increases complexity and therefore cost. Do you know your costs associated with this effort?

Find out!


These costs arise due to...

  • Elaborate registration on the marketplace
  • Item search
  • Invalid or expired links to items
  • Different payment methods (PayPal, credit card, Alipay, ...)
  • Missing sales in the ERP system or time-consuming maintenance afterwards
  • Time-consuming subsequent request for missing invoice documents
  • Complex accounting invoice processing with constantly new suppliers
  • Elaborate delivery date tracking
  • Surcharges for small quantities
  • Customs clearance
  • Processing of complaints


The higher the number of your suppliers, the higher your time and cost to manage them.

All online orders from one source

As a full-service supplier, we take care of all your online orders, relieving you of everything that causes effort and costs in procurement: from inquiry to delivery.

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With only one contact person you can easily and quickly handle all your orders on different online marketplaces!

Efficient and cost-effective!