Procurement services

There are many reasons that overload operational purchasing. Here, too, we offer a quick and pragmatic solution.

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Reasons for operational support and procurement services

  • You can't find suitable purchasing employees?
  • You have too few resources in procurement?
  • The appropriate professional expertise is missing?
  • New projects increase the workload?
  • The market situation requires additional effort for deadline tracking, or supplier search?
  • Employees absent for longer?
  • Jobs are being eliminated or not being filled?


Outstanding purchasing success is only possible with a strong team!

Procurement made easy

We quickly and seamlessly take over all operational work for you, e.g. in the areas of supplier search, tendering, deadline tracking, etc. Also ideal during vacation and sickness periods.

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With procurement services from Provendor, you effectively gain as many employees as you want for your purchasing department. They never get sick, have no vacation time, and do not incur personnel and ancillary costs. This relieves your purchasing department and allows it to concentrate on its core processes again.

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