Mystery buying as a door opener

Mystery buying for good analyses of competitor products, prices and suppliers where you do not appear as a customer yourself.

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Your challenges

  • You want to analyze competitor products, but don't know how and where to source them?
  • You do not want to appear as a customer to certain suppliers?
  • Or you are blocked as a customer with certain suppliers?
  • Would you like to benchmark prices but are not receiving any offers?

We have the solution

  • We procure your needs for you

  • You get access to suppliers with whom you are blocked

  • You do not appear to the supplier

  • We treat your needs with the necessary sensitivity in the procurement market

  • Critical questions from suppliers are answered by our experienced team with the necessary creativity

  • The delivery can be done through us

  • We perform complete price benchmarks without associating them with you

We take care of your specific requirements

As a full-service supplier, we put you in a position to operate undetected on the procurement market:
from inquiry to delivery.

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Mystery Buying efficient and cost effective!