C-Article Procurement

The number of suppliers as a cost driver

Are you familiar with the Pareto principle? This massively influences your c-item procurement.

Find out!


The Pareto principle

Focus on the

20% Suppliers accounting for 80% of your purchasing volume ...

… and we will focus on the rest!

80% of suppliers representing only 20% of your purchasing volume, but causing a significant part of the administrative costs (per supplier approx. 500 -1.500€ p.a.)

Gain free space for the activities that really add value!


The higher the number of your suppliers, the higher your time and cost to manage them.

C-item procurement made easy

As a full-service supplier, we take over your suppliers and thus relieve you of everything that causes effort and costs in procurement: from inquiry to delivery.

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Reduce the number of your suppliers efficiently and cost-effectively now!