Provendor Code of Conduct for Suppliers

As our everyday business involves dealing with suppliers, we are keen to maintain a good business relationship in this case.

That's why Provendor has compiled a "Code of Conduct" for our suppliers. This contains the guidelines and requirements of the Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and refers to important organizations and laws such as the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act LkSG and the International Labor Organization ILO.

This should fulfill the task that every company should act responsibly and respectfully towards its employees, the environment and everyone.


As a steadily growing company, responsibility in the ecological as well as in the social area is also increasing.

Therefore, an honest and confidential business basis must be established between us and our suppliers. The Code of Conduct serves as a guideline and basis for this cooperation.

Also, it is important not to neglect the complaints and problems, which of course can always occur.

Therefore, for this exact category have created a complaint mail. Thus, one always has the possibility to contact us in this area. Also, we treat and process every incoming complaint with seriousness and fullest dedication to make sure that every concern is also solved.

The e-mail address for complaints and problems is