Service and logistics

Optimal support

When speed matters…

We process all our customers’ requirements quickly and reliably. Our turnaround times from your order to delivery are uniquely fast! We focus on direct support for our customers and can thus work more rationally and quickly for you.

Well provided

Logistics is an important element of our service concept, therefore it is indispensable for us to provide the goods ordered by you in the desired quantity at the right time at the specified location. You decide on the type of logistics and we offer the right solution for every type of logistics. Always aligned to your requirements!

Quality is our top priority

The goal of our actions is to offer you, the customer, the best possible solution for your requirements, also in terms of quality. In addition to impeccable product quality, we also attach great importance to high quality standards in the areas of consulting, adherence to deadlines and communication. This leads to a reduction of your quality-related costs and thus to a strengthening of your market position. The basis of our activities is a quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001, which is supported by all employees. It guarantees  the optimal realization of your expectations as a customer in harmony with our economic concerns. Together with you, all employees and supply partners, an optimal performance can be achieved for all parties involved.